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Cooperated supplier for large enterprises

    With the modern management, the top production equipment and advanced technology, Ekonglong furniture makes a best economy benefit among the furniture industry. We have an excellent team, a specific distribution network, which make us becoming one of the largest office furniture supplier in China. 

Eco-friendly office furniture

    Adhering to the concept of environmental protection first, Ekonglong Furniture always uses environmental, natural as materials, to make it real “ pollution free”. Our product boasts extreme attention to detail and quality craftsmanship have pushed the boundaries on every front of the furniture process.  

Your exclusive personalized space solution

    We are a provider of end-to-end solutions for all of our client's needs. We could offer effective space planning for your space for free. The planning is empathizing with the every worker's situation to make a considerate design. All workers comfort in the fashionable and warm office environment,  which can improve mood, then promote work efficiency. 

Most satisfactory after-sales service

    We are providing a one-stop service including: Free space planning; Fast delivery system; Professional furniture maintenance service. To guarantee the customer benefit, Ekonglong Furniture seeks to provide with more quality products and perfect service. 
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