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The mainstream of office furniture, healthy environmental protection

 Healthy environmental protection into the mainstream ▼ ▼ office furniture 

With improving the quality of the people's life, people have higher standards, to the requirement of health as a result, office furniture also triggered a green storm. More and more people in the daily life of daily life in very pay attention to health care, of course, for the choice of furniture also is painstakingly, fight, mercury, benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful material exceeds bid affect our physical and mental health, but many consumers just concern and the choice of household furniture, but for office furniture has not been caused widespread attention. 
Environmental protection 
Most gens going to work in the office most of time in eight hours or so, this does not include overtime time, lunch time, etc., according to the strict calculation of each workers going to stay in the company up in ten hours. Especially in big cities, under the great pressure of work, working overtime is inevitable. It has long been inferior office zhuo chair, office furniture, potential threat to the health of employees, thus there are more and more office workers, asked his boss to provide more security office furniture of environmental protection, it is also for the employee of the right to health protection. 
Therefore, followed by a phenomenon: more and more humanized large enterprises, in the choose and buy when office furniture in addition to the price, function in the standard of consideration, but also incorporating environmental protection into the office furniture for calculus, such not only embodies the humanization of the enterprise, also can enhance the centripetal force of the enterprise staff, only protect the interests of the employees and the company can develop better. 
Environmental protection 
In the center of gravity of become a green environmental protection at the same time, also will be the fashion of environmental protection into the day-to-day work of the category. As the wave of the green, will be in the office furniture industry have caused an upsurge of environmental protection. 
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