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Buy office furniture to prevent fall for it?

 Along with the development of e-commerce, more and more enterprises through the Internet looking for office furniture suppliers, main channel is through search engines such as Google and baidu keyword search products, also have through alibaba and other B2B websites. Honest this way is more convenient and quick, never leave home, can find a lot of office furniture supplier. But the Internet also has a lot of spam, good and evil people mixed up, and throw out audible, many small factories or even individual through the establishment of the website, do some search engine promotion, many clients are keen on gaining petty advantages, bought this kind of product will find a lot of problems, poor quality, formaldehyde exceeds bid, furniture sends out a thorn nose smell, date of delivery delay, poor service, the most serious appeared after received the deposit will evaporate. The above situation, let a person headache. How to prevent fraud? I now introduce the following methods: 

A. Check the enterprise credit status: 
A. to local industrial and commercial bureau's official web site, enter the name of the enterprise, or simply search, to free the company to find the accurate registration information, such as the establishment date, registered capital, legal representative, registered address, etc. If not to the relevant records, you be careful, also means that the enterprise has not registered; Another is the enterprise web site to compose of smallpox disorderly, real information is a shell companies, the supplier less or more. Special attention should be paid to the registered address is otherwise consistent with the address of the site, if not, is likely to be shell companies, or website is a fake. 
B. can be directly in the search engines such as Google, baidu search, name of the enterprise more pages, if the enterprise use bad record, in which there are always those complaints. Of course, there are malicious slander, deliberate slander some high quality companies, are usually made by peers, may see if there are any details, no specific situation could be malicious slander. 
2. Try to find a word of mouth good large and medium-sized enterprises, not to find unknown small businesses. Many small businesses is one or two solo furniture salesman, integrity no security at all. 
3. Pay attention to the establishment of the enterprise fixed number of year, try to choose set up more than a decade of enterprises for five years. Many newly established company is a product/service has not yet mature, the second is the enterprise is in is tottering, credit is no guarantee, after-sales service, etc. Establish long company is generally more cherish the company's reputation. 
Four. Take a closer look at the web site content, especially the company profile, about we wait until the content of the column, many small companies and individuals do website even malicious deception, due to the quality of the boss is limited, the site is usually content is poor, or full of big words, rhetoric, to do business with them, the result cans be imagined. 
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